Bourbon Glazed Pork Belly with Grapefruit Slaw

Citrus-Cured-Pork-Belly-with-Maple-Bourbon-Glaze-and-Florida-Grapefruit-SlawWhat’s better than pork belly, bourbon, and brown sugar to celebrate spring and summer, and the return of warm weather to our sunny state of Florida? Try this tasty recipe for your next Sunday supper. Serve with a fresh green salad, and Key Lime Pie for dessert!




Citrus Cured Pork Belly with Maple-Bourbon Glaze and Grapefruit Slaw


• 1 Tbsp Coriander, ground
• 1 Tbsp Fennel seeds, ground
• ¼ tsp Allspice
• 2 tsp Black pepper
• 2 cups Kosher salt
• 1 cup Brown sugar
• 2 lb Pork belly
• 1 Tbsp orange zest
• 1 Tbsp Thyme, fresh, chopped
• ¼ cup orange juice
• 3 Tbsp tangerine juice

Maple-Bourbon Glaze
• 1 cup orange juice
• ¼ cup Bourbon
• 2 Tbsp Maple syrup
• ¼ cup White wine vinegar
• 2 Tbsp Orange marmalade
• 2 Tbsp Butter
• to taste Salt and pepper

Grapefruit Slaw
• 2 cups Napa cabbage, shredded
• 2 cups Red cabbage, shredded
• 2 tsp Kosher salt
• ¼ cup grapefruit segments, ½” pieces
• 1 tsp grapefruit zest
• 1 cup Olive oil or low fat mayonnaise
• 1 Tbsp Sugar
• 1 Tbsp fresh Lime juice


Combine coriander, fennel, allspice and black pepper. Reserve. Combine kosher salt and brown sugar. Reserve.

Place pork belly in glass casserole dish. Spread evenly with orange zest and thyme. Sprinkle with orange and tangerine juices. Season with spice mixture. Rub kosher salt and brown sugar mixture evenly over pork belly. Cover and refrigerate for at least 5 hours to cure. While pork belly is curing, prepare Maple-Bourbon Glaze:

Combine orange juice, bourbon, maple syrup, white wine vinegar and orange marmalade. Bring to simmer in medium saute pan, and reduce volume by 2/3. Add butter, and stir until melted. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Pour into blender and blend until smooth. Reserve.

To prepare Grapefruit Slaw: Place napa and red cabbage in mixing bowl. Sprinkle with kosher salt and let stand for 10 minutes. Use piece of cheesecloth to squeeze liquid from cabbage. Pour out the liquid.

Add grapefruit segments to cabbage. Combine grapefruit zest, olive oil, mayonnaise, sugar and lime juice. Pour over shredded cabbage and grapefruit segments and toss to combine. Reserve.

Remove pork belly from refrigerator and rinse under cold water to remove salt mixture. Place in ovenproof casserole dish with lid and bake at 300°F for 1½ hours.Remove from oven and allow to cool to room temperature. Slice into ½” slices. Sauté in large skillet to brown and crisp both sides of pork belly slices. Remove to plate lined with paper towels to remove any excess oil.

To serve, place 1 slice of pork belly on each plate and drizzle with Maple-Bourbon Glaze. Serve with Grapefruit Slaw on the side.

Recipes courtesy of the Florida Department of Citrus