Changing Eating Habits

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Changing Eating Habits

Last article I spoke about continuing your training through changes in your life. Today I want to
cover the second part of fitness and that is your diet. Actually let me rephrase that. I do not
mean to say diet, I cannot stand that word and the connotation that comes with it, I mean to say
eating habits. A great quote that I heard the other day goes “No matter what you do you cannot
out train bad eating”. Now unless you are going out with the mindset that if I work out hard I
can eat what I want and also are not obsessed with your results, you are just fine. But most of
you that are training are the complete opposite. You complain everyday about how you look,
how your clothes fit, and how you are not where you want to be. But when asked if you are
willing to do what it takes to get where you want to be out comes the excuses, oops I mean reasons.

Let me break down the importance to eating right as compared to training to you this way. On
average we train 3 – 5 times per week, and most of the time that is for approximately 1 hour. So
as a whole that is about 3 – 5 hours of training per week. If you add in the extra cardio let’s
move that up to 7 hours per week. Now without me doing the math look at your own eating
schedule for the week and find out how it compares to your training. I can more than bet the
house that you are doing more “hours” of eating than you are training. That in and of itself
should show you the importance of eating right. Let me clear one thing up. Just because you are
eating right does NOT mean that you have to stop eating the foods that you like. It means that
you cannot have as much of it at one time, or that you cannot have it all the time. But by no
means does it mean that you have to cut it out totally. Simply being mindful of how and what
you eat can lead to wonders on your waistline and you self-image.

With that being said, I know the whole nutrition process can be a pain. What do I eat? How
much should I eat? What time should I eat what kind of food? All questions that can drive you
crazy and most of the time lead to just eating whatever. But in this day and age we can find all
the help we need at the touch of a keyboard. I say to you take advantage of the expert help that
is out there. It is not something that you have to do forever, but make sure that you’re being
taught what to do and not just given the food or meal plan. We offer a great nutrition plan that
teaches you how to eat properly. It can be done as a 4 week challenge or an 8-week program.
And the results have been excellent. Come visit me at the market this week to get more
information and start a new change in your life.

Julian A. Amedee
Owner, Fitness Professional at Sports Fitness Experience (SFX)
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