The Case for Preserving Market Produce



Judging by the questions we are getting  at the market, many of you have been freezing and canning fruits and vegetables throughout the summer. With only 5 weeks remaining before our market closes for the season, it’s time for a gentle nudge.  Here are the 10 most popular reasons your neighbors are preserving their own produce and some resources to make it easier:

  • You can select produce when it is at its absolute freshest and enjoy them throughout the winter.
  • Preserving your own food gives you control over preservatives and additives while avoiding concerns
    such as the BPA liners in commercial cans.
  • Preserving your farmers market bounty allows you to skip the risks associated with commercial food
    preparation in this and our many import partners.
  • Excellent way to increase your consumption of fresh local foods.
  • Buying in season allows you to preserve foods at a lower cost.
  • Reduces the waste of commercial packaging. After all, who throws out a prized Ball jar?
  • Can be a fun and bonding family affair that transfers tradition and self-sufficiency
  • The act of preserving summer’s bounty is a powerful connection with our food culture and heritage.
  • Pride that comes from giving gifts of homemade jams, jellies, salsas and colorful produce instead of
    a plastic gift card.
  • Preserving is an extension of the values that brought you to the farmers’ market in the first place.


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