The Roswell FAM Experience from Julian A. Amedee

0d8b13bWelcome to “The Roswell FAM Experience”.  I pray that this finds you at a positive time of your day, if not I pray that at some time in the day you take a turn for the better.

No Short Cuts

The concept of No Short Cuts is very easily explained in the world of legal and illegal, but it also holds true for your health.  Getting to where you want to be health wise takes a lot of work and dedication.  There are no quick fixes, but that is what a lot of us look for.  Why do you think you see all of those infomercials?  Most people believe that life would be so much easier if they could just take a pill, or where a piece of clothing, or have something that “moves’ for them.  They could get all the benefits they need and want and not have to work for it.  The problem with this is that most if not all of these “quick fixes” fail and the only thing that goes down is the bank account.  The only way to get the lasting results that you need is to work for them.  And believe me the results and the feeling of accomplishment outweigh the work that you put in.

I am going to take this a step further, you may even call this a shameless plug, but I do think that it is important.  Just take the time to read a little further and if this is not you then you can ignore the rest, but if you fall in line with what I am going to say it is time to re-evaluate you:

Are you the person who works out with at-home programs? You put it up on the TV and follow along to get the “best work out of your life”.  Now I am not putting down these programs.  Most of them are very good, some are great.  The only problem is, after the initial buzz about the program wears off are you still as committed to doing it?  The majority of people who follow at-home programs do it consistently for between 2 weeks and 1 month.  After that they may turn it on once every two weeks.   This is the saving money or privacy short cut to getting in shape.  But in the end since they really never get in shape, how much did they really save?  The result is usually higher medical bills and a stack of once used videos.

Let’s take it one step further.  Maybe you do not have a problem with getting out of the house to work out, so you go to one of the big chains like “Eternal Fitness, Silver’s Gym, or NY Fitness”. (Have to CMOA).  There they promise you the chance to get in shape for a set up fee and a low monthly cost.   Wow, that is a deal that you cannot beat and it is so convenient for you to get to it.  You go in get your free training session and then hit a floor of machines that you have no clue what to do on. Since none of the staff helps you unless they are trying to get you to pay for something else you go to “that guy who is always in the gym” for some help as to what you should do.  After about a month of you doing the same routine or still trying to figure out what to do the buzz of a new gym and working out wears off.  Just like with the videos your visits now become once a week or worse.  To make matters worse, you signed a 2 year contract that will take that low rate out of your bank account every month, whether you use it or not.

I just showed you two scenarios of what I consider short cuts in the fitness industry.  Both used because the other option costs too much.  But take a look at the long run.  If you do not continually use the options the value that it has is diminished and you will more than likely end up spending more than you would have in the first place.  With that being said I feel that the best option for getting in shape is to hire a trainer.  There are studies out showing that people that work with a trainer have a hire success rate of reaching their goals.  The value that you get out of a GOOD TRAINER is so much more than the actual cost of the sessions.  At SFX you will get accountability, supervision, proper instruction and other training partners to help motivate, challenge and support you and your goals.  That combination proves to be the most effective way to get all you desire out of your workout routine.  If anything in what I said made you think I implore you to go over what you are doing and make some changes.  Find a trainer, preferably one at SFX, and take advantage of what is offered.  Whether if it is for a couple of sessions to learn something new or to make lifestyle changes you will get more than what you expect.

Julian A. Amedee

Owner, Fitness Professional at Sports Fitness Experience (SFX)

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