About Us

998084_140269479453345_2081617324_nOur Mission

To be an advocate in building community around a local and sustainable food economy.

Our Objectives

  • To provide a marketplace where citizens can purchase fresh, local farm, ranch and artisan foods direct from the producer.
  • To promote healthy, sustainable lifestyles through educational workshops.
  • To encourage entrepreneurship by providing a central place of commerce, retail guidelines, marketing assistance and training.
  • To encourage relationships within and surrounding the local food economy .

A Bit of Market History

Originally conceived in 2007 by then UGA Cooperative Extension Agent, Louise Estabrook, in a joint venture between Roswell Recreation and Parks and Fulton County, the market started with just 8 vendors.

From the start, the market was called the “Riverside Farmers Market”, named so because the first location was a dirt parking area in Roswell’s Riverside Park. Excitement always followed the ritual ringing of the cowbell signifying the start of the market.

The market quickly outgrew the parking facilities and moved to a sunny parking lot behind Roswell City Hall.
In 2011, the Market was voted the #1 Medium-Size Market in America by Farmland Trust. A year later, Ms. Estabrook became ANR Agent in Cherokee County and a Roswell resident and former vendor, Michael McLane became President of RFAMA and Market Manager.

In response to feedback from Roswell citizens and founding vendors a number of changes were made. A volunteer organization was formed (RFAMA) to increase local participation in the market, the City of Roswell became the our primary partner, the name was changed to the Roswell Farmers and Artisans Market, the market season was extended by six weeks, and the venue was moved to an area shaded by majestic oaks behind City Hall.

After a very successful 2014 season, RFAMA broadened the all-volunteer Board, elected Woolery Back as President, brought in Tricia Nitti as Market Manager, and set out with a new vision for growing community around local, sustainable foods. Tricia led the market to a new high as the center of community activity joining the Azalea Festival, bringing in grants from Chipotle, Farmers Market Coalition and others. The market is now the “new town center” with a stable, quality vendor base and a very loyal customer base.

In 2016, RFAMA expanded staffing by bringing new Market Manager, Taylor Fridrich and Assistant/Marketing Manager, Jazmin Trammell. We are excited about the coming year and hope you are too!